James Pilates

Why Pilates?


Our lives are increasingly busy with longer working hours, stresses and strains that come in many guises and we often forget to take time out for ourselves to maintain a fit and fully functional healthy body. Pilates is a vital discipline that works on and aids all of these issues by improving core strength, increasing mobility and improving posture. It increases an awareness of your own body which helps you handle stress more effectively.  If you would like to reduce back pain, strengthen your core or complement your existing fitness regime to reduce your chance of injury then Pilates is for you. 

About James


After over 24 years in the military, surgeries on both knees and a prolapsed disc, Pilates is the only exercise that has truely given me complete freedom of movement back. I have done Pilates for several years and I am a qualified Body Control PilatesĀ® teacher.

What I can do for you


Body Control Pilates classes are no bigger than 12 people, ensuring close supervision and support from your teacher. I adhere to a Code of Practice that governs teaching standards and professional ethics. I teach movement skills step by step and the classes are an opportunity for you to unwind, have fun and practice Pilates in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment. I also have to achieve developmental targets each year which provides you with the most up to date, safe and high quality teaching. 

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